Is your roof getting old or has it sustained damage recently? Do you have leaks or see missing or shingles? You need help from an expert roofing team who understands how to make your property look its best again. Of course, having a sturdy, undamaged roof also reduces the chance of other serious and expensive problems like indoor water damage or insect infestation. Many homeowners think a quick repair job is the best option because it costs less upfront. However, there are some times when a full replacement gets you a better value for your money.

How Long Has Been Since the Roof Installation?

 The expected lifespan of any roof depends largely on its materials. A standard shingle roof can last 15 to 20 years in regular conditions. If you see signs of damage or deterioration and your roof is approaching or past its expected age, it makes sense to call in a top Pensacola roofer to talk about removing all the old stuff and installing brand new. Any roof younger that has missing parts or damage in one or two spots is a good candidate for repair instead.

How Much of the Roof Is Damaged?

 It makes logical sense to replace an entire roof if an extensive part of it has sustained damaged or problems exist in multiple places on its surface. The more points of vulnerability, the higher the chance of other problems like water damage happening. Each situation is different and requires the help of an experienced Miami roofer team guide to forward in the safest way possible.

What Is Your Budget for Roofing?

 Replacing the entire roof costs more than making repairs in the vast majority of cases. This is a question that focuses more on long-term value than cash on hand. New roofs increase curb appeal and property value, which is especially helpful if you intend to sell in the next few years. However, sometimes you simply do not have the budget for a full replacement. Expert roofers like our team at Maxx Leverage can suggest repairs that will give you more time before that necessary expenditure.

Is It Possible to Match the Existing Roof Material?

 From a practical perspective, replacing missing or damaged shingles can stop the leak and protect your property. However, unless you kept extras from the initial installation, it may not be possible to match the rest of your roof exactly. Roofing products on the market change over time, and if your roof was installed ten years ago, the same options may be long gone. Are you okay with a close match that may be visible from the street? Although professionals with access to the widest variety of shingles and other roof materials will do their best to match what you have, a full replacement takes care of that problem automatically.

Maxx Leverage offers both precision repairs and full roof replacements for residential and commercial properties in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Idaho, and Oregon. We can guide you through the decision about whether roof repair or replacement makes the most sense for your home, business, and budget.