Commercial properties need a different type of roof than residential homes. The buildings are generally larger and have more utilities or infrastructure positioned on top. Therefore, professional roofing companies like Maxx Leverage uses product beyond shingles. No matter what, shops, restaurants, offices, and other commercial or light industrial sites need sufficient waterproofing and protection against potential damage. These four commercial roof materials are at some we have worked with extensively in the past.

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

 This single-ply membrane is commonly used in a variety of commercial applications. The synthetic material comes in wide sheets that are essentially unrolled onto the roof and attached securely. Of course, the installation process takes more expertise than that. It is often used for shops, restaurants, and other business properties that have flat roofs. Maxx Leverage offers this service to commercial customers in all coverage areas.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

 When most people think of PVC, they imagine a long white tubes and pipes used in the plumbing installations. PVC is also commonly used for commercial roofs. The benefits of this roofing material include not only a watertight seal, but also anti-weathering characteristics and to both organic and chemical pollutants. The decision between PVC and TPO depends on a variety of factors specific to the building in question.

Modified Bitumen

 This older material has been around for decades, but new tech has perfected its use as a commercial roof material. It is also a single-ply material that uses a combination of asphalt polymers, and polyester or fiberglass. Whatever the specific makeup, it offers seamless application to minimize the chance of leaks, high UV resistance, and a variety of style options you cannot find in the other two varieties.

Liquid Membranes

 Instead of applying shingles one by one or unrolling single-ply TPO or PVC, consider a liquid roofing material for flat or low-slope roofs of all types. Not only does this improve resistance to water and weather damage, but it can also extend the life of lecture itself by strengthening roof integrity. This type of coding is applied in a multi-step process by professionals for best results.

One of the smartest investments a commercial property owner can make for their business is new roofing. Once choose from the top materials offered on the market today, you can rest assured that the experience professionals you hire will apply it to the exacting standards. Commercial roofs protect a very large investment whether they cover offices, retail establishments, eateries, or other consumer-focused businesses. Seamless, watertight, and affordable options make sense.

The decision about what material to use to upgrade commercial roofing depends on many factors: size of the roof, inclusions like fans, AC units, or skylights, and more. Let us at Maxx Leverage help you decide what provides the best protection that will last for many years to come.