While every roof has a life expectancy and it makes sense to replace the shingles or other material on time, you may need to help of a Miami roofer or Pensacola roofer if an emergency occurs. Since it is difficult to see the top of your house, and it is not recommended for homeowners to climb up a ladder to inspect things, how do you know if you need emergency roof repair at all? These five signs are important indications that the time has come to call in the professionals for help.

1 – Visible Debris Damage on the Roof

 Did any type of branch or other debris fall on your roof? Even something that looks rather light can cause damage to your roof. For example, a scrape or gouge on an asphalt shingle can weaken the material enough to let water seep through. While you may not need emergency roof repair after every fallen branch, it makes sense to have things checked out by an experienced and skilled roofing company to make sure.

2 – Missing Shingles, Tiles, or Other Roof Material

 After a storm is a great time to complete a visual inspection of your roof safely from the ground. If you see any sign of missing shingles, tiles, or damaged materials, flashing, or gutters, call for help as soon as possible. You need to find the right team to complete this type of emergency roof repair as soon as possible to prevent additional issues to the structure.

3 – Too Much Organic Growth Like Algae or Moss

 Discoloration or obvious gray or green growth on your roofing material is a problem even before it becomes extensive. It attracts moisture and actually eats into the shingles or tiles and begins to break down the surface. Over time, this can destroy your roof completely if you do not have repair done as soon as possible.

4 – Signs of Bird, Animal, or Insect Homes

 Any organisms that may borrow under the roof material, create holes in it, or weaken its structure need to be removed by pest control. Unfortunately, a variety of animals and insects can leave behind a lot of damage in their wake.

5 – Any Evidence of Indoor Water Damage

 The moment you have a leak coming through your roof or along the edges, you need someone to take a look at the structure as soon as possible. Even the smallest trickle of water sneaking down to the attic or under the flashing by the gutters can transform into structural damage or unhealthy mold growth. You may end up with a much bigger headache and project cost than a simple roof repair or replacement.

No matter where you live in Florida, Idaho, Oregon or anywhere that the Maxx Leverage roofing company serves, you have an on-call team to help with emergency roof repair. We offer both regular damage assistance and disaster recovery services on your convenient schedule. If you see any of the five signs of serious issues listed above, contact us right away to learn more about how we can help your house safe and sound once again.