1. You See Water Damage or Leaks
A leak in your roof is a major sign that you need a new roof or repairs to your roof at the least. Even a small leak can grow and become a much larger problem, causing damage to your property and possessions. At the first sign of a leak or water damage coming from your roof, call the professionals at Maxx Leverage Roofing & Restoration to identify if your roof needs repair or replacement.

2. The Ceiling Is Sagging
A sagging ceiling may not appear to be much of an issue at first, but it could indicate a leak in the roof is causing moisture in the ceiling and has not been identified. A sagging ceiling may be touched by a hand or a broomstick: if it feels soft or has the consistency of soggy cardboard, it is most likely caused by excess moisture from a leak. A sagging ceiling should not be ignored until the leak becomes obvious and should get the attention of a professional as soon as possible.

3. There Are Dark Streaks
Stains and dark streaks on the ceiling indicate that there is moisture reaching your ceiling due to a leak. The moisture from the roof can also reach the walls and leave stains from the top of the wall to the bottom. You may not see obvious leaks, but dark stains indicate that water is getting through the roof and should be examined for leaks.

4. You See Light Shining Through Roof Boards
From an attic or similar location where the inside of the roof is exposed with the lights off, you may be able to see small streaks of light or cracks of daylight shining through the roof. This is a clear sign that the roof is damaged or shingles are missing, and the roof is likely leaking. The roof should be replaced or repaired at any indication of light getting through the roof to the inside of the home or business.

5. It’s Over a Certain Age
If your roof is over 20 years old, your home is due for a roof replacement. If you purchased the house without any knowledge of when the roof was replaced, chances are your neighbors will replace their roofs at a similar frequency. Do not wait for your roof to fail and leaks to appear. Have it examined to determine when a replacement may be needed. If the neighbors are replacing their roofs, call Maxx Leverage Roofing and Restoration and let us check the roof for signs that it needs replacement.

6. You’ve Had Wildlife Damage
Wildlife may try to make a home inside your roof, causing damage in the process. Small holes in the roof can be repaired once the invader is removed, but if left un-repaired, wildlife damage can eventually cause even more damage to the roof and property.

7. There Are Decaying Shingles
Roofs made of wood or asphalt may start to rot when they’ve reached the end of their usefulness. Shingles will not rot, but they will become brittle and decay over time. Upon inspection, cracked, curled, or falling shingles indicate that they are decayed and should be replaced. If numerous shingles have decayed, a full replacement may be necessary.

8. It’s Missing Granules
Weather and time can cause shingles to lose granules, making them look patchy or bare in spots. Low-quality shingles or poorly stored shingles may lose granules faster than normal, resulting in faster wear. The granules serve as protection for the shingles and roof, so losing granule protection will result in a faster decay of the roof. You may need a roof replacement if granules are missing from the shingles.

9. You See Missing or Broken Shingles
A roof missing shingles or with broken shingles is a clear indication that the roof should be replaced. This indicates that the roof is not providing adequate protection and can be the result of decay or poor quality shingles. Patches of missing shingles or broken shingles may cause leaks, and the roof should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further loss of protection.

10. You Have a Lot of Gutter Build-Up
Build-up of granules in the gutter would indicate that the shingles are losing granules even if they don’t appear to be. Finding loose shingles, pieces of shingles, or other roof material in your gutters would also be an indication that a new roof is needed to replace the existing one. Check your gutters for material from the roof, as this could lead to leaks and the rapid decay of the roof if the roof is not replaced.

11. You Notice Dark Streaks On Shingles
Roof shingles with a dark outline or streaks may appear to just be covered in dust or debris, but this is actually airborne algae. Often this type of algae can be cleared away with a bleach and water mixture, but homeowners should be cautious of damaging their landscaping with bleach. Austin Roofing and Construction will be able to identify if the moisture is causing damage to the roof and can clean the shingles properly if a replacement is not necessary.

12. There’s Visible Moss
Moss growing on the roof shingles can also be removed with a bleach and water mixture or carefully brushed away. Moss can hold in excess moisture, so removing moss from the roof can prevent future damage. In many cases, the moss is only superficial, but it should be checked by a professional if you have reason to believe the roof is damaged or leaking. Maxx Leverage Roofing & Restoration can also properly remove the moss.

13. You’ve Got Curled Shingles
If you notice the edges of the shingles are curling, it could indicate that the shingles are wearing out. Weather and age can cause the edges to curl and can form valleys in between shingles where they would normally meet. Curling shingles should be examined by a professional to see if a new roof is necessary.

14. It Has Sustained Wind or Hail Damage
High wind speeds can rip shingles off the roof. If you notice shingles missing from the roof after strong winds or a storm, they should be replaced to prevent further damage. Without the protection of the shingles, exposed areas of the roof can be damaged and are vulnerable to leaks.

Small dents in the shingles from hailstones can cause leaks over time. The shingles will lose granules and deteriorate faster after being dented by hailstones. The roof may be simply repaired if the damage is minor, but in cases of severe or widespread damage, a new roof may be the solution.

15. The Chimney Flashing Is Damaged
If your roof has areas that are flashed, such as the chimney, they can become damaged over time. Tar and roof cement flashes around the base of the chimney can be prone to leaking and may indicate that your roof needs replacement. In many cases, only the flash may need to be replaced with a durable steel flash to solve the problem.

16. It Wasn’t Installed Well
A roof that has awkwardly placed shingles deteriorates more quickly than it should, and this may result from poor craftsmanship. A roof that was unprofessionally completed can have a reduced lifespan and may result in leaks. If you suspect your roof is not up to professional standards, it may be time to replace the roof with high-quality materials and professional service from Austin Roofing and Construction.

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